Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Baby Accessories by Baby Star

If you like your child’s accessories all conforming to a specific theme or motif, blue is a good way to go. Proven to be mentally and psychologically soothing by scientists, it’s a good color to help relax your child after an exciting day.

The Quick Change Pouch by Baby Star is a child accessory every parent will greatly appreciate, especially if you like organizing all your things.

The Quick Change Pouch is a decorative fabric pouch that comes in a number of designs, but Connect the Dots Blue is a soothing, stylish shade available in Baby Star’s exclusive design. The Quick Change consists of a main compartment and gusset sides that allows you to store all sorts of baby essentials while you’re on the go. It measures about six by ten inches, and is made of 100% cotton. The pouch is sized perfectly to contain diapers and wipes without becoming too bulky. The reinforced base also helps expand the pouch, fitting up to four large diapers and a wipe case inside it.

Baby Star ensures that its baby and toddler accessories all do not contain any formaldehyde, so the Quick pouch is absolutely safe to use around your child.

If you like consistency in your baby’s things, consider the Baby Hooded Bath Balloons Blue Towel, also by Baby Star. The Hooded Bath Balloons Blue Towel is a set that comes with two pieces: the hooded towel is accompanied by a washcloth to make your child’s bath time much more convenient for parents.

The towel and washcloth are made of decorative cotton, mixed with terry cloth that keeps both ultra absorbent. The hood keeps your child from losing unnecessary body heat by wrapping it around its head. The towel measures thirty by thirty inches all around. The set is machine washable and contains no toxic materials, making it perfectly safe to use for your child.

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