Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dollhouse Acessories by Teamson Design Kids

Think you’ve seen it all? Teamson Design Kids takes it one step further in terms of furniture design, creating tables and chairs for your kids’ doll houses.

The 7-Piece Livingroom Set for Doll House is a classy, elegant collection that was designed to give a different kind of life to any doll house. Sure, they’re essentially toys, but the amount of detail that went to the construction of each individual piece is still noteworthy. The set consists of one coffee table, a couch, two chairs, a fireplace, one end table, and a book case. It’s an unquestionably attractive furniture set, and (barring the possibility of ever using it yourself) could entice you into buying one for your child’s doll house.

Each piece is hand painted and hand carved, all sporting a pear pink finish that lends a quaint but still sophisticated look. The set is also sturdily constructed, with none of the cheap, flimsy feel you might notice in below par toy sets.

On the other hand, if you feel like taking doll house furniture to a whole other level, consider adding the 7-Piece Dining Room Set also by Teamson Design. (Because if you have a livingroom set, where else are your dolls going to eat, right?)

Like the Living Room Set, each piece of the Dining Room set is given a special attention to detail, with each one hand painted and carved individually. The collection contains six chairs, a table, a kitchen cart, and a curio cabinet. Built to be especially durable (even on that small a scale), the 7 Piece Dining Room Set will go perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your child’s doll house.

A word of caution: you’ll need to consider your child is old enough to accidentally swallow small toy parts before getting them either set.

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