Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cool Places to Sit for Your Kid’s Playroom

Traditional chairs are all very well, but if you ever get the urge to mix things up in the nursery or playroom, consider two of these stylish (and yet extremely comfortable) bean bags for a whole new look.

The Sitting Bull Bean Bag is a vision in dark blue, sporting a modern and yet undeniably homey look, something not every ordinary bean bag can pull off. The Sitting Bull comes in a variety of other colors, but if you prefer a more contemporary feel, the dark blue shade is absolutely stunning. (Also, it’s easier for you to remove stains and clean up on darker fabric.)

The Sitting Bull Bean Bag features a flexible design that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. However, it does offer a degree of solidity that provides adequate support every time you sit down. The bean bag is stuffed with a special kind of EPS beads that are made of high quality and are especially durable, as most bean bags are made out of standard shredded Styrofoam pieces. The chair’s cover is made of high quality Polyester that’s both water resistant and breathable. What’s more, the whole cover can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. The yarn is sewn out of 100% nylon thread in a triple-stitched pattern all over the seat. This is practically tear-proof, with UV resistance.

On the other hand, Jennifer Delonge’s Moroccan Pouf in Dark Blue is a similarly ingenious piece of sitting furniture. It’s also available in other colors, but the dark blue shade looks great. The pouf was hand-made in Morocco, sporting hand-dyed leather that’s sturdy and also doesn’t require high maintenance. The Delonge pouf also contains natural plant fiber and high quality Dacron foam.

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