Thursday, November 8, 2012

Efficient Crib Accessories by Beck to Nature

Tired of conventional crib mattress covers that are less than top notch quality? You’re going to love what Beck to Nature has to offer.

First up, the Water-Repellant Zippered Mattress Cover offers a great alternative over changing mattresses completely after a couple of spills. The water-repellant mattress was designed to fend off stains and prevent liquid from easily seeping in, courtesy of a special weaving technique mastered by the manufacturers for Beck to Nature. The material keeps moisture and other debris on the surface and prevents the textile from ultimately being ruined over time. The result is a mattress cover that lasts significantly longer than other conventional covers, making it a practical investment for your childs’ needs.

Aside its water-repellant qualities, the mattress cover is also  hypoallergenic, and is safe for long-term use. It’s also soft and comfortable, without the danger of causing skin abrasions or rashes for your baby.

On the other hand, Beck to Nature also brings you the Aloe Vera Mattress Cover.

Made of nice, soft wool, Beck to Nature incorporates aloe vera into the fabric itself. Aside from providing a clean, comfortable place for your child to sleep, the mattress cover also soothes sensitive skin, and is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that promote health. Aloe vera has a well-established name in the cosmetics industry, particularly in skin and hair care, but it’s also known for its antibiotic and healing properties on skin. Plus, it feels pretty soothing too. Beck to Nature uses natural aloe vera gel in the mattress cover’s fabric; however the cover still remains mild and hypoallergenic—safe enough to use for your child. In addition, the zippered cover helps you keep the edges of the crib mattress tucked in, without any extra flaps hanging out over the crib edges.

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