Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playroom Mindbogglers

The playroom is one of your child’s first learning environments, and it should contain mentally stimulating games and toys just as much as it contains comfortable furniture. Anatex has a wide selection of toys that were designed to make your child think.

One of them is the Anatex Step Up Rollercoaster Table. A first look will tell you why the table lives up to its name, and why it was named that way in the first place. Featuring a three-tier design, the Rollercoaster Table is a mess of colorful wire and beads. Little kids will spend a lot of time learning different colors, counting, and looping the beads through the wires. While it won’t serve the conventional use of the nursery or playroom table, the Rollercoaster Table is a considerable help to mental development, and will lay the foundation for fine hand-eye coordination and color recognition.
The whole table is constructed of high-quality plywood, durable enough to last and support the whole structure, and is best suitable for three years of age.

Another similar product from Anatex is the Tower of Play. True to its name, the Tower of Play is a six-sided device that serves as a creative, multi-dimensional activity center—from gears and mirrors to the alphabet and the abacus to the zig zags and puzzles. While it will keep your children entertained, it also helps keep their mind active, making associations in colors and pictures, as well as actively figuring out patterns in the fruit puzzles and the caterpillar pathfinder game.

The Tower of Play is best suited to two-year-olds and is made of high quality plywood. The six sides can be used by more than one child at once, and can also be used to teach the concept of sharing.

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