Friday, August 10, 2012

Knifty Media Entertainment Center for Your Child’s Bedroom

Installing a media entertainment center in your child’s bedroom is often a wise decision. While you could mount a DVD player or an iPod music dock on an ordinary bookshelf, I find it’s always a better (and much safer) alternative to encase your entertainment systems in furniture that was specifically made to house delicate gadgets. In addition, media centers often double as extra storage space, a definite bonus in terms of practicality.

For instance, the Knifty Entertainment Center is a solidly built media center that offers roomy storage in its two shelves. While most media centers are built low to the ground to reduce the tendency for it falling over, this media center holds its own with a tubular steel legs, each of which has its own nickel plated leveler to keep from slipping—an extra measure that always writes good in my book.

Another thing to commend about this unit is the wire management grommet at the back of the shelf, making it easy to keep the wires organized—one big plus for Knifty, as not many media entertainment centers put this kind of thought into convenience. In fact, you’ll find that there is a half-moon cutout on the back edge of the whole shelf, providing an exit for all the wires for your gadgets. This eliminates the unseemly sight of wires snaking down the front of your gadgets, definitely good for aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, the unit also comes in six veneer choices, so if you’re hankering for a different shade of brown, you’re in luck, though I find the darker shades to be a tad bit classier than the lighter ones.

The Knifty Entertainment Center doubles as a storage or display center for little collectibles as well, should your child need a place to organize your things.

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