Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rock Your Baby to Sleep with Hushamok and Ianco Baby

Baby hammocks are the perfect places to put your baby in during afternoon naps and even when they sleep at night. Because they mimic the rocking motion of an adult’s hand, this has become an alternative for parents who have probably gone tired with all the other work that they have been doing.
There is more to the typical baby hammock that meets the eye. Because babies are fragile and sensitive, any parent should know that there are so many considerations that you need to take note of. This includes its durability, stability, comfort, and safety, among many others.

Two of the best hammocks offered today are from Hushamok and Ianco Baby. Let’s take a look at a creation from each of them.

The Organic MySeat is the hottest item off of the racks of Hushamok. This is a combination of a sleeping and seating system and is best for babies once they have reached 8 to 12 weeks old. The hammock is made from 100% Turkish cotton and comes with removable tether, infant neck support and harness straps so that you can customize it according to your child’s needs. It is put in place with durable Okoa Stand that is made from beechwood and stainless steel.

From the Ianco Baby comes the Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet with Stand. With its divine white color scheme and fabric canopy, this is definitely one of the most elegant hammocks that your baby will rest on. Recommended for babies up to 6 months of age, this hammock comes with breathing areas with plush dual covers. It is suspended on a steel frame with eco-friendly powder coating finish.

If you cannot be with your baby to rock them to sleep, at least get them a good hammock who will do a splendid job in doing so.

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