Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wallpapers and Decals: Splash Colors on Walls

Children are all about colors and figures. Place in front of their eyes something that is plain and drab and all that you might get is nothing more than a glance. So when you are thinking of decorating their bedrooms or playrooms, it might be a little appropriate to make the place something that they will love and get their imagination juices flowing. And what better way to dress up a room than gives its walls a colorful makeover?

There are so many wallpaper and decals that are especially made for the creative minds of children. And while color and design are the things that set a children’s wallpaper from the typical wall decors, it would probably a whole lot better to get a little more that their child-friendly look.

Avalisa, for instance, has this amazing collection of fun and refreshing wallpapers that feature animal faces and shapes. A part of this collection is the Allium, nature colors and designs that are printed on canvas that feature bright and energetic colors. There are also great selection by Green Frog Art and M. Daily Modern Art.

You can also get the children’s bathroom with a good wall or window design. And since sticking wallpaper in its walls would not be such a wise option, you can choose to adhesive window films. They do a very good job at providing privacy and limiting the amount of light that goes through the room. A big plus is that they come with designs. An example is the outer space and rocket design of  Zoom Zoom by Emma Jeffs.

A child’s room is their sanctuary. It is one of those places where they can explore and learn more about their environment as well as hone their talents and abilities. Making their room as stimulating as you possibly can help in for this purpose.

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