Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Great Indoor and Outdoor Seating in Children’s Benches from My Urban Child

Chairs will always be essential furniture in any space. After all, everyone will always want to take a seat, wherever they are, should they be permitted. Children are no exception. But when a single is not enough for your children of three, you might be better off getting benches.

Benches may come in a variety of sizes but one thing that is very sure of it is that is seats more than one. And with children’s benches, color and design is of the essence. Aside from a bench that sports their favorite color or are adorned with their favorite cartoon characters, parents should also pay attention to their comfort and durability.

Tea Pods by Iglooplay would be a good seat for your little child. This offers a whimsical take on the traditional bench as this is made up of seating of various shapes and sizes. This allows each of the pieces to be flipped into different positions and be used as stools, ottomans, and even benches. They are made from high density foam and are available in luxe ultra suede and non-toxic, PVC-free vinyl upholsteries.

For a more elegant take on a children’s bench, the Wild Side Bench Seat with Storage. This bench comes in either zebra or cheetah prints in ivory and black. It comes with removable back, arm and seat cushions for easy cleaning. A big plus is that it comes with storage for toys, pillows, and other kid’s essentials.

The outdoors is one of the best places for a child to play and explore their environment so equipping your outdoors with Teamson Design Kids’ Children's Sunny Safari Storage Bench. This storage bench is painted of pictures with animals, giving birth to a colorful, entertaining, and imaginative bench. It is hand-painted, hand-carved, and would make for a great decorative element as well.

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