Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quirky Chairs for Your Child’s Playroom

Sometimes you don’t need the latest Fisher Price toy for the nursery or playroom, even changing up the furniture can do a lot to inspire and entertain. Take a break from the conventional with some fun chairs for your kids.

For children aged eight and older, the Jecka Homebuilder Lite is a white made completely of blocks that your child can use for personalization. The manuals are included on purchase too, and you can explore the several options for chair shapes with your child, from Step Stool, Toddler Chair or Kid Stool. Other than looking especially creative in the playroom, building your own furniture with your child fosters his critical thinking skills, not to mention his imagination. The blocks are also extremely easy to assemble and and are reasonably flexible. The Homebuilder Lite comes in clean, flawless white.

Bring back a modern restructuring of the classic rocking chair with another great addition to the playroom: the Mod Rocker by Iglooplay. This is an awesome piece of furniture for playing, reading, or simply sitting in the chair and relaxing. It’s also available in maple, cherry, or walnut veneers, and are sure to fit your

The Mod Rocker was designed specifically for kids, allowing a reasonably mellow rocking motion that’s both safe and soothing. he Mod Rocker has a commendable build, featuring sturdy plywood with steel fasteners. It was built with a low center of gravity, lessening the chances for falls. The non-skid rubber pad will also keep from sliding along the floor and causing potential accidents. The design was also inspired by West African stools. On top of that, the hollow at the bottom of the chair can be utilized as storage space for a couple of light toys and books.

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