Thursday, July 26, 2012

Affordable But Functional Children’s Dressers

The Athena Molly Combo Dresser has a very functional look to it. Made of solid pine wood and a lead-free, non-toxic finish, this dresser is extremely ideal for installation in any child’s bedroom. The drawers run on metal glides that allow for easy, smooth opening and closing, and also prevent any inadvertent injuries to fingers by sudden banging. Safety stops also make it extra safe for your child’s use.

Funcionally, the dresser does very well. It serves two purposes—both as a changer and a dresser. It features a space on top that could be used as a changing area, whereas the rest of the drawers make for roomy storage for all your child’s essentials. If you need more room, you can convert the top portion from a changing area with an optional hutch add-on when your child outgrows his diaper-changing days.

While not as large as the Athena Molly Combo, the Ava Five-Drawer Dresser holds its own in terms of storage and functionality. Perhaps one of its advantages over the larger Athena Molly Combo is that it’s relatively easier to move from one place to another, in case you’re thinking about doing some rearranging.

The Ava Dresser features five drawers. Its primary purpose is storage, so you won’t find a dual purpose changing area on top, although it does very well as a place to organize all your child’ things.

A smaller variant of both types of dressers is the much smaller Ava Three-Drawer Nightstand. It’s rather clear that this unit wasn’t made for heavy-duty storage, though it does perfectly for storing only the essential of all essentials. Meant to sit at your bedside, the Ava Nightstand is great for placing favorite books and toys, and maybe even a night light on top that your child can easily switch on and off from bed.

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