Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Give Life and Comfort with Ultra Children’s Rug Collections

A room with concrete or tiled flooring does not make the best playroom for your little one. All the running and rowdy playing does not really make a very safe spot to fall on. Plus, children have a tendency to play on the floor and sitting on something that is cold and hard does not exactly spell comfortable, added the fact that it could be teeming with potentially harmful microbes.

Instead of tearing the floors up to go for a safer floor material, you can make the necessary additions to the room to make it more kid-friendly. The easiest of which is put a covering or padding to it with the use of rugs. And while you can use the typical rugs that you can find in stores, perhaps it would make your child a little more excited if you pick something that is teeming with colors and designs.

The Ultra Rug Collection would make for a great piece in any playroom. Made up of some of the most popular children’s rugs, it gives the traditional shag design a little twist with their amazing blend of comfort and design.

Among the many brands in the collection are the hand tufted New Zealand wool material and contemporary designs of Chandra Rugs; the cotton backed and GoodWeave certified creations of notNeutral; the 100% nylon and sport-themed rugs from Dalyn Rug Company; and the soft and modern style of DwellStudio.

The rugs in this collection are especially made for children and have been given emphasis on comfort and protection, giving every parent that much needed assurance that their children are playing in an environment that is comfortable and safe. They are soft, elegant, and contemporary, a great solution to any room with area rug needs.

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