Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Interactive with Wall Panels from Anatex

Think of the mind of a kid as a painter’s canvas that needs to be filled up. But in place of colors and shapes, the canvas needs to be filled up with knowledge and all other sorts of information that he will need later on when he grows up. This is why it is very important that as early as possible, you those young brains getting as much information as it possibly can. After all, we all know that starting them young will allow a better grasp of the knowledge.

With this in mind, you should by now know that kids can learn so many things just by playing – whether they do it by themselves or with other people. This is why you should try to incorporate as much education as you can with their toys. One way to do so is to equip their playrooms with wall panels from Anatex.

The Busy Cube - Flipper Wall Panel would be a great addition to any room with children. And because it is mounted on the wall, you do not have to worry about it taking up space in a small area. Turning its handle will amaze any child on the spectacle of 2 colored balls bouncing around, hitting obstacles and ricocheting into different directions.

To give a child a trip under the sea, the Sea Life Pathfinder Panel would be the perfect piece. This panel gives kids a chance to explore the ocean and the myriad of animals, plants, and other wonders that it holds. This will effectively challenge their logical thinking and improve their eye-hand coordination.

The best part about these Anatex toys is that there are not loose parts so you are ensured that your children are free from choking hazards and other dangers in playing.  Install these wall panels in any playroom, classroom, or waiting room to get their preoccupied and entertained.

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