Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awesome Beds by Ark Group for A Good Night’s Sleep

The bed is often the highlight and centerpiece of any bedroom, what’s more for a growing child.
The Popsicle Furniture Highsleeper Kit helps transform any ordinary Popsicle Twin Bed or Midsleeper into a Highsleeper Loft, an efficient and convenient upgrade if there ever was one.

The great thing about the highsleeper is that it allows you to add on several other pieces of furniture that could make the bed unit miles more efficient. For instance, a desk could go right under the loft, or a bookcase or dresser. In the long run, it basically lessens the need for extra furniture in your child’s bedroom, rendering it more spacious.

The highsleeper is available in a beautiful espresso finish, and features leg extensions, a built-in shelf, and a ladder that can be installed on the longer sides of the bed frame. The kit also installs a front and back safety rail, as well as a reinforcement brace for an extra safety measure. The highsleeper is made of solid pine, matching the quality sturdiness of the Popsicle Twin Bed. A similar unit is the Popsicle Furniture Highsleeper, which is essentially offers the same advantages, though this  comes in a Natural finish—significantly lighter than classic espresso.

The Ava Full Size Bed is available in a clean white shade. Made of 100% birch, the Ava Full Size Bed is as basic as it gets, but its straightforward minimalism is reinforced by its stability and a sturdy design that was meant to last a long while. The entire bed measures a generous 33.5"H x 59"L x 79.9"W. Purchase this for your child, and you won’t have to buy a new bed unit for when he hits his teenage years.

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