Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun and Funky Furniture for Today’s Children

Today’s modern lifestyle is gearing towards urban settings, and homes are getting smaller in size. Many young modern couples no longer have the luxury of living in single detached homes with wide backyards. Today’s urban dwellings are usually apartments, duplexes, townhouses, or condos with cramped space for families. Hence, there is the tendency toward the minimalist and utilitarian furniture and furnishings. Contemporary parents need to plan before buying any piece of furniture or appliance for their home. As they plan for their nursery they seek for nursery furniture and modern cribs for their babies that would fit into limited space.

Babyletto Modo Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail in Two Tone Finish

Urban kids’ furniture may be utilitarian in design yet fun and funky. To achieve this, trendy parents with creative imaginations may choose furniture with the sleek and trendy look that would be easy to maintain. They may come in bright, tropical colors that would cheer up the room and give it a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The modern baby could be reared in a nursery that has artistic wall decor, soft rugs in bright designs, furniture in toxic-free paint and hypo-allergenic mattresses and cushions.

The baby’s crib of today should be safe, sturdy, and durable to outlive its usefulness, and give its occupant the much-needed restfulness. Also to be considered is the comfort and convenience of the mother; is the crib of the right height and dimension? Is it easy to clean and maintain? Does it come with the right platform and mattress? Wise parents consider other needs such as changing tables and drawers for the baby’s clothes. To save money, they may also buy a crib that converts into a toddler’s bed as the child grows. There are also cribs that convert into playpens. These budget-saving ideas could mean much for young working couples.

Fun and funky children’s furniture are not limited to baby nursery cribs. There are lots of options in the market for cool and hip kids’ furniture that enhance their rooms, like playpens and play sets in multi-colored stripes, small desks and chairs in lemon colors, dressers and cabinets for their clothes and toys. For playrooms or patios, your child could enjoy dollhouses, mini picnic tables with matching benches and umbrellas, sandboxes for playing in the backyard, and jungle gyms to keep every active child occupied. These would come in handy when your child entertains the neighbors kids or cousins who come and visit. Wise parents check out the safety features of each item, and ensure that these are non-toxic, rust-proof, smoothly finished and easy to clean. It always pays to keep your home not only trendy and chic, but also clean, healthful and safe for your growing child.

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