Friday, April 1, 2011

Modern Cribs for Today’s Urban Babies

The trendy and chic moms of today will be delighted to know that modern cribs and nursery accessories are now available to match their contemporary lifestyle. Urban dwellings require space-saving furnishings that are sleek and minimalistic in design. At for example, one can shop online for the most contemporary looking cribs you can imagine. They not only come in white, but could also be two-toned, coffee-colored, or chocolate brown with many options such as toddler rails, built-in changing tables, drawers, and collapsible sides. Some can also be converted into toddler-sized beds as your child grows bigger. These well-thought-of furniture pieces are designed with your child’s safety in mind. They come with lead-free paint, non-toxic fittings, and smooth finishes that are easy to maintain. Such is the working mother’s dream, to be less stressed out in maintaining a clean and livable space for her family, especially her little bundle of joy.

Maclaren Nursery Cabine Modern Crib White and Light Wood Baby Nursery Furniture Collection Designed by David Netto

Contemporary furniture nowadays tend toward sleek and smooth lines, with less frills, stain-proof upholstery, and bolder colors which reflect the freedom of expression of the home-owners. Gone are the days of strict rules in decorating our homes; we are now in the age of eclectic mix-and match, wherein our homes reflect our personalities. This individual expression goes further into the bedrooms of our children and even into the nursery. Nursery furniture has evolved from the rough cradles and hammocks of yesteryear, which tended to be either too drab and utilitarian, or too frilly and over-dressed. Modern baby cribs should be suited for the modern urban babies who will grow into strong-willed urban warriors. Their cribs should be comfortable but fuss-free, sturdy, and practical. The minimalist look suits best the trendy and contemporary urban style. Clean and sleek outlines are easy on the eye, and easy to maintain. One swipe with a damp cloth and you’re done with cleaning. This keeps stress levels
down for the modern working mom who does not have the luxury of maid service.

Today’s urban parents would not hesitate to invest in durable baby nursery cribs that give value for their money. They would definitely choose one that would blend in with the rest of their household furniture, meaning contemporary and chic. They would search for cribs with safety features, and smother-free mattresses. They would also prefer one that would provide comfort and convenience, with the right height, the right dimensions, and features that they think would best suit their child-rearing style. If there is limited space in their nursery, they may opt for built-in changing tables with drawers. If they are budget-conscious, they would opt for the crib that converts into a toddler day bed for the future.

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