Friday, April 1, 2011

Designer Furniture for Your Baby

It is every modern wife’s dream to have a beautiful nursery for her first baby. As she gets pregnant and wait for that little bundle of joy, planning for the baby’s picture-perfect nursery should be an exciting activity for both would-be parents. Modern parents can easily appreciate the designer nursery furniture and modern cribs available in the market today. Instead of getting frazzled nerves, they should both enjoy shopping for baby items, whether on-line or in local stores. Today’s cribs are a far cry from the traditional cribs, bassinets and cradles of yesteryear's.

Babyletto Newhaven Canopy and Full Size Conversion Rail Kit in Dark Chocolate

Today’s baby furniture are designed with the clean, sleek look not only in traditional white, but in trendy black, cappuccino, or chocolate brown. The no-frills mattresses come with comfort in mind, and are hypo-allergenic, with bedding's that come in all colors of the rainbow. The crib sides come with toddler rails and can be converted into playpens. There are models with attached changing tables, drawers, and adjustable platforms. There are others that can be converted into toddler daybeds.

The creativity and imagination of today’s children’s furniture designers are indeed amazing. They take into consideration the safety features of each furniture piece, hence, paints are of the non-lead kind, the plastic and metal fittings are non-toxic, the finishes are smooth and edges are rounded for safety.

Every trendy urban mom can pick the right furniture for her kid without sacrificing the contemporary and stylish look that she desires. As she tries to fit the nursery decor with the rest of the house, she can easily find in the market each piece of furnishing or accessory suited to the theme of choice. Gone are the days of crude and purely utilitarian nursery cradles and cribs. Today’s nursery furniture blend in with the chic look that capture the style of the modern home. Colors are bolder, motifs are more interesting, and even rugs are bold pieces of art. Wall decor and window shades come in bright and colorful jungle and animal prints, flower garden patterns, and even aquarium designs of many hues.

Parents with artistic taste can readily express their ideas as they design their kids’ rooms. Mixing and matching interesting pieces to achieve the desired theme is now within easy reach. Any designer or home-decorator wannabe can find in the internet or in local furniture stores the accessories or furnishings required to complete the designer look for the nursery or toddlers’ room of her dreams. Available in the market are a wide variety of baby nursery cribs, bassinets, hammocks, dressers, or strollers to suit every discriminating taste. You need not go far to unleash that hidden talent to decorate the nursery of your dreams.

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