Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modern Retro by Ubabub

Nifty by Ubabub

Introducing the Nifty Collection by Ubabub.  Inspired by the 50's but given a modern twist, this collections is the definition of Retro Modern.   The lines are clean and the quality is strong.

Nifty Clear Crib
So there is a movement of some parents who do not like the "bars" on a crib, like they are putting their baby in a jail.  If you are one of those parents or you just want a more modern urban nursery, the Nifty Clear Crib is for you.  Best of all this crib offers a conversion kit sold separately that can change this crib into an adorable junior bed for years of additional use.
Nifty Changing Table
When babies are not sleeping they are usually pooping.  Every nursery needs a good changing table to go along with the crib.  We love this changing table for many reasons.  First it has a clean and simple look. Secondly is the great storage offered without being bulky and taking up too much space. What an easy practical changing table.
Make sure you check out all the products offered by Ubabub to furnish your nursery in style!

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