Monday, November 18, 2013

Airflow Classic Pedal Cars

Airflow Collectibles Red Sport Racer

With the holidays quickly approaching, we have the perfect gift for your toddlers.  The Airflow classic pedal cars will provide kids with hours of fun while they get out and get a little exercise too.  The pedal cars are recommended for kids 2-5 and they are made of steel to last all those years and many more.  They look like a car or plane from the 30's-50's and built like they were back then with craftsmanship and quality.
Princess Pedal Car

Airflow Collectibles offers classic pedal cars and planes in many different models. For the girls there is a Pink Princess Pedal Car.  A little girl has got to love pink and will love having her own classic car to drive around.
Brum Pedal Car

Our favorite pedal car for both boys  and girls is the Brum pedal car. It is based on the English cartoon character, but we love it for the bright colors, headlights that look like eyes and fun horn.
Airflow Collectibles Vintage Style Silver Pursuit Airplane

Pedal cars can also come as a pedal airplanes.  You little pilot can really take off in one of these.  The Airflow Collectibles airplanes are replicas of vintage airplanes.  Just think of all the adorable pictures you will take of your toddler sitting in an Airflow Collectible Pedal Car.

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