Monday, September 9, 2013

Utzon Kids Wave Chair: Crafted to Complement Modern Interiors!

Utzon Kids
Utzon Kids makes premium quality furniture for children!  This furniture is made from the finest natural materials, which is contemporary yet timeless.  Built to last, Utzon Kids products are crafted to complement modern interiors. These products are designed and made to-order in Denmark building on the Danes’ heritage of creating iconic furniture which is available at My Urban Child.
Utzon Kids Wave Chair – Hygge
This edition of the Wave Chair is inspired by two things very close to the heart of all Danes: celebrating Christmas and enjoying a ‘Hygge’ which means to get cozy and have a nice time with your friends and family. The Tibetan Lamb upholstery makes this chair supremely snug while the bright red frame adds to the feeling of warmth it projects. It features a particularly cozy and distinctive design with a maple frame painted bright red.  This chair works beautifully all year round and is suitable for kids aged 2 and up.
Utzon Kids Wave Chair - Sigge
This edition of the Wave chair is upholstered with ‘Sigge’ with is a stunning and luxurious textile. It features a flowing motif which replicates a hand-drawn piece of artwork.  This particular Wave Chair has an air of sophisticated street art to it.  It was created by Swedish designers Fanny Aronsen and Sigurd Falk.  It has a walnut frame with Sigge fabric making it both chic and individual.  This item is made from crisp yet comfortable hard-wearing jacquard woven wool and features incredibly detailed design.

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