Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jekca Homebuilder Lite, Amateur and Advance!

Jekca Kids Furniture | Modern Childrens Furniture
Jekca gives you a brand new building block experience! It is easy and fun to build your desired furniture. It completely revolutionizes the old concept of furniture, toys, and design. Assembly is fast and easy with great flexibility.  There are building manuals included with each set.  Also, there are several variations of the end products which consumers can choose to build and rebuild.  Check out My Urban Child today to see what all they have to offer!
Jekca Homebuilder Lite - Ocean Blue
Variations for Homebuilder Lite:
1. Step Stool with Storage
2. Toddler Chair with Storage
3. Kid Stool with Storage
4. Tea Table with Upper and Lower Book Rack
5. Twisted Side Table and Book Rack
Jekca Homebuilder Amateur - Orange
Variations for Homebuilder Amateur:
1. Adult Chair and Toddler Stool
2. Kid Chair and Toddler Chair
3. Kid Stool with Shelves and Toddler Stool with Shelf
4. Cabinet and Tree Rack
5. Janus Bookshelf with Doggie Book Rack, Puppy Book Rack and Puppy CD Rack
Jekca Homebuilder Advance - Black
Variations for Homebuilder Advance:
1. Bookcase and Toddler Stool and Toddler Table
2. Toddler Chair and Toddler Desk
3. Toddler Desk and Toddler Chair and Bookcase
4. Bookshelf

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