Thursday, March 28, 2013

Got a Small Nursery? Get Cariboo’s Folding Bassinet

One of your biggest preparations with an upcoming baby is decorating the nursery. You got the crib, the dresser, the changer, the rocker, and all those other essentials and even accessories. But what if the space is not enough for all these furniture and fixtures? Is there another way to have them without compromising your available space as well as the needs of your baby?

There most certainly is, for the crib, that is. The Folding Bassinet by Cariboo is the perfect solution for parents who have little room to spare for their baby. This bassinet effortlessly folds flat. So when the baby is awake and has no need for it, you can easily tuck it away and regain some space back. This is also perfect for travelling. Your baby gets to have an instant sleeping and resting space for travels and vacations.
Along with being both stylish and functional, this bassinet is also environment-friendly as it is made from sustainable New Zealand radiata wood. Its fabric creates a soft and comfortable environment for infants, and the bassinet bag zips off and is machine washable for easy cleaning and care. Its Colgate mattress meets all federal regulations for flammability and is PBDE-free; it is PMA/ASTM safety certified; and its finish does not contain lead. All of these features is packaged in an infinite shape that complements your master bedroom and nursery decor.

And when your baby grows bigger and will have no need for a bassinet to sleep and rest in, do not throw out or give away the Folding Bassinet just yet. You can still use this as a stylish toy chest, or a play bassinet for when your baby girl plays with her dolls. Now, how’s that for a long-term investment?

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