Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Featured Designer of the Day, Hushamok: Hammocks and Hammock Stands Done Right!

Hushamok - Hushamok Hammock
My Urban Child is proud to feature Hushamok.  Simply put, their sleeping hammocks and hammock stands are pretty awesome.  Their hammock stands range from modern light-weight aluminum to a more contemporary wooden stand made from European beechwood.  Regardless of the materials used to construct these items, they both have clean lines and simple design.  They also offer several hammock options to combine with these stands providing your child with the safe and comfortable sleep that they deserve and you desire. 
Hushamok Dream Stand
The Dream Stand offered by Hushamok is made from light aluminum to offer a flexible and stylish stand.  It can be used with both the Hushamok Sleeping Hammock and MySeat.  This item is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and will go perfectly with the existing modern decor in your home.
Hushamok Okoa Stand
The Okoa Stand offered by Hushamok has virtually the same design as the Dream Stand however it has an entirely different feel because of the contrasting materials used in its construction.  The beechwood used creates a warmer feeling as opposed to aluminum.  This stand can also be used with both the Hushamok Sleeping Hammock and MySeat.


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