Monday, January 7, 2013

Work at Your Home with Ease Using the Overlap Tray

Many of us hate going to the office and working on loads of papers at short deadlines. But this is all a part of our job. And having to bring our work at home is all the more hateful. Aside from cutting time for us to rest and spend time with the family, your head is buried is loads and loads of paperwork. Plus, working at home is sometimes not as easy as working in the office. You would want your work desk and your work chair to somehow make working easy and comfortable.

Here’s a good solution for you: Offi and Co.’s Overlap Tray. With this tray, you can practically transform your sofa into your office. Now, you can work anywhere with this portable surface, allowing you to being your office with you.
The Overlap Tray has enough room for your laptop and a trough for your relevant (or not) magazines and newspapers. It even has a space for your cup of coffee and other knickknacks. Made to be a modern alternative to the traditional tray, it is made with sturdy molded plywood and cork construction. Its bone shape cutout allows for right- or left-handed use. Plus, it is available in Walnut, Oak and Birch so you can pick one that will best suit your taste and your home décor, should you want to consider that.

This tray should also be the perfect solution for those who completely work at home. So, when you are not in the mood to work on your home desk and chair and would want to watch over your kids as they play in the living room, using the Overlap Tray would allow you to still efficiently work while you comfortable position yourself in the sofa.

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