Monday, January 7, 2013

A Minimalist Take on the Classic Cuckoo Clock by Magis Furniture

We all know how important always knowing and being on time is. Therefore, having a timepiece is of the essence, whether you wear it, place it atop the table, or hang it on the wall. And if you are looking for something that you can proudly hang on your wall for all your guests to see and admire, there is no better way to go than a cuckoo clock.

For a more interesting take on the traditional cuckoo clock, consider getting the minimalist design of Naoto Fukasawa. Known as the Cu-Clock, this should be a favorite for homeowners who are after simple furniture and fixture for their home. Produced by the Italian company Magic since 2011 and carrying the hand writing of the designer, its design uniquely features Japanese minimalist, Italian design and German tradition.
If you have seen the original clocks from the Black Wood, you would know that the reason why they are so famous (aside from the cuckoo bird popping out every hour) was because of rich decorations and ornaments. But the Cu-Clock is entirely different. Fukasawa took the minimalist route and interpreted the cuckoo clock to a minimum. This one only has the cuckoo and the inclined roof that serve as a reminder of the original one. The wooden ornaments, chains and pendants were also renounced.

The Cu-Clock is powered by batteries and is completely made with ABS-plastic, manufactured in a standard injection molding procedure. The best part about this is that it is a set of four, each of which are colored with basic colors and the birds constantly white. The roof is available in four colors white, green, orange, and blue so you can have one of these lovely cuckoo clocks in four different rooms in your home.

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