Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Let Your Little Girl Make the Most of Dressing Up with Guidecraft

Any mother (and father) knows how little girls enjoy playing dress up. And for any little girl, who does not? One minute, they can be a princess in a dainty little pink dress then the next minute they can be… another princess in a blue dress. Okay, so most girls are into princess dresses but the main point of it all is providing them with a place where they can play dress up for as long as they want to with ease.

If you are a loving parent and is looking for such a place (or a thing, that this), the Dress-Up Storage Center would be perfect. It comes with a sturdy wood dowel and hooks where your child can hang their prized clothes and costumes come playing time. Plus, it comes with a tall acrylic mirror where they can check out their lovely clothes as well as provide an avenue for dramatic play.

This storage center also has upper storage area where they can put their hats (or crowns, since they are supposed to be princesses) and lower storage areas for their shoes and other accessories. And if there is still some extra space, they can also use it as bins to store their toys, books, and other play things.

Now all that you need to do is find a nook where you can position this cabinet before you can leave your little girl and her friends to play dress up. Its durable laminate construction allows for easy cleaning and ensures years of use so its upkeep should not be such a problem. You can even let your children do it, since they are bound to love it so much that they will do just about anything to keep it looking pristine and brand new.

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