Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Ultimate Art Cart for the Artsy Kids

Children who seem to show a penchant for arts and crafts will need all the motivation and support that they need to foster such a talent. Who knows? They could be the next Picasso or Michelangelo of their generation. And what better way to cultivate their love of drawing and painting than to give them with an art cart that will hold the essentials? Take Guidecraft’s Art Activity Cart, for example.

This can rightly be called as the ultimate art cart because it can contain everything that anyone will need to create their masterpieces. It comes with a top tray with deep sides for paint bottles and jars; a pull-out drawer for beads, stickers, and other little trinkets; and center storage compartment with doors for just about any kind of art supply that you can think of. To hold those big and tall paper rolls and sheets is the side dividers that come with this exciting creation.

One thing that makes this art cart and “art cart” is that is has heavy duty casters so that moving it from one place to another is quick and easy. And as if this does not offer ease of mobility enough, it also comes with hand-hold cutouts. Even your little kid can do this by themselves. So whether they decide to let out their creativity in their rooms, in the living room, or even in the patio is not a problem.

The Art Activity Cart is made with Baltic-birch plywood construction with steel hardware, assuring you that this is something that your kid can use for as long as he wants to. This is so durable, in fact, that this can even be passed on to his younger siblings. With such an art cart, you can expect your little Leonardo da Vinci to always have a wonderful creation that you can post on the fridge.

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