Friday, April 18, 2014

Kids always seem to come up with the rainy day “let’s make a fort” idea the day AFTER we’ve just washed and folded all the extra linens - AKA fort building supplies. But now with the Lucy and Michael Play Tent, fort construction (and de-construction) just got a lot easier.

Inspired by two mothers who were tired of bulldozing tents made of blankets, boxes, and bed frames, the Lucy and Michael Play Tent will save a ton of washing, drying and folding post fort de-construction.

Designed for indoor play, this fun and fully functional play tent allows kids the excitement of a secret fort while keeping the linen closet fully intact. With 5x5x5 foot dimensions, the play tent takes up a minimal amount of room allowing the fort to stay up even when there aren’t any more bad guys around to hide from.

Available in almost a four different prints and patterns, the Lucy and Michael Play Tents can accommodate any sort of event whether it is a tea party, an adventure to the Wild West, or an afternoon lost in pillows and books. Sounds like a perfect rainy day for anyone.

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