Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let Your Baby Sleep in British Sophistication

It would be impossible to not show even the least bit admiration and fascination with the architecture and design of 15th century Britain, especially on how it was reflected in their furniture. And if you are one of its biggest fans, why not channel and show off such appreciation in your baby’s crib? This Nurseryworks creation just might be what it will be best used for, aside from being a crib, of course.

Called the Uptown Crib, this creation is truly inspired by such an elegant time in Britain. To make sure that it still gets that young and fresh vibe for your little bundle of joy, it has been reinterpreted with a modern twist, matched with playful yet sophisticated colors.

One great thing about this crib is that it will not be deemed useless once your baby has outgrown it. You can purchase components so that you can turn this crib into a lovely stunning bed. This way, your child is able to continue living (or sleeping) on British elegance for a long time. You simply just have to do a few simple tweaks on the crib ends and you are all done.

This crib is available in two colors so you can pick one that will match your current décor. It also comes enhanced with high contrast reveals and then accessorized using over-scaled brass hardware, giving it the real look and feel of an old British furniture piece.

The mattress is in a three-level height so you will not break your back while tending to your baby and comes with fixed side rails (which you can then remove to transform the crib into a twin bed) to ensure safety. For added functionality, it also has 2 roomy under drawers which should come in handy for storing toys, clothes, and other baby items.

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