Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Perfect Bed and Bookcase Set for Children to Teens

A kid’s bedroom or any other bedroom for that matter is not complete without a bed. And because encouraging your children to read books is important to widen their knowledge and imagination, perhaps it would be wise that we throw in a bookcase in any typical room for children and even for any tween or teen who is a wide reader.

The Duet Modern Bed and Bookcase Set would be the perfect set for both parents and children. This set has been designed to have various options for customization, both on their use and finishes. Famed children’s brand Nurseryworks has made sure that this creation will fit all sleeping solutions, storage issues, and décor style and they surely have done a very good job.

The bed comes with three under bed storage drawers to store clothes, toys, magazines, and other supplies along with a mattress system. The frame is available in Natural Catalpa Wood or Dark Catalpa and you get to choose the wood or material finish that you wish to have.

For added stability, the set’s bookcase is a double unit that will have to be connected so some assembly is required. It is available in sing and double for additional cost. It also comes with an anti-tipping kit for added safety. The bookcase comes in a wide array of color options, including Slumber Beige, Navy Blue, Lime Green, Citrus Orange, Cotton Candy Pink, and Snow White.

Nurseryworks has always made sure that their products will provide their young market the thing that they exactly need and want out of their fixtures. And because they are all made with quality materials and created under strict environment with adherence to safety standards; this should also give parents the peace of mind that their children are safe and secure.

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