Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stylize Your Nursery with Baby Hammocks

Keep things fun in your baby’s nursery by mixing up the furniture. While cribs do have their merits, a quality baby hammock can be a practical move, not to mention a creative one, as they are much more flexible than normal cribs and bassinets.

For instance, getting the Hushamok Baby Hammock made of organic cotton. It’s a rather aesthetic baby hammock, as well as a highly comfortable hammock mattress, as it comes with two fitted sheets and an innovative leaf spring. On top of that, it’s also made from 100% organic Turkish cotton. The mattress doesn’t have any dyes either--a good plus against toxic material that could be potentially dangerous to your child over the long run. If you want, there’s an optional lambskin liner you can get for added comfort to the mattress.

The hammock also comes with an optional Hushamok Okoa Stand. The Okoa stand adds greatly to the aesthetic appeal of the baby hammock. It is made of sustained European beechwood for extra durability, with stainless steel castings. The stand also goes with Myseat hammock, should you choose to add another one for your child in your home. It measures 40 by 53 by 40 inches.

If you prefer a different style, another option for a hammock stand is the Hushamok Dream Stand, which is also compatible for Myseat hammocks. The Dream Stand is made of light aluminum for both style and flexibility, and the powder coating is gone, replaced by high tech anodixation.

The great thing about these Hushamok hammock stands is that they look quite creative when assembled, on top of being made of solid, sturdy material that was built to last. It’s easy to appreciate the advantage of having a more movable, practical alternative to the conventional bassinet.

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