Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bedroom Lights Your Kids Will Love

Lighting can be a fascinating point of interest, particularly for children who are old enough to notice the kind of lights installed inside their bedrooms.

The Giraffe AnimaLamp by Mobi Technologies is a great example of this, even more so because the AnimaLamp comes in a variety of other animal shapes. Also called a “happy lamp”, this lighting appliance is encased in a colorful giraffe that makes the nights a little friendlier for your child. The unit gives off a reasonable amount of brightness, and is fully adjustable courtesy of its easy, one-touch operation.

The light also comes with built-in rechargeable batteries, with a solidity to its build that’s meant to last for a long time. The AnimaLamp is an excellent light source for storytime by the bedside, changing tables in the nursery, or even a backseat travel light—whatever you use it for, it makes an awesome portable desk light or security night light, too.

Mobi Technologies has a more bedroom-specific lighting appliance, called the TykeLight WallMate. The TykeLight Wallmate comes in friendly colors of either blue, green or red, and even has a color-changing mode that gives it a fascinating rainbow effect, alternating between colors.

The Wallmate operates on LED lighting, so you can rest assured that they keep the room well lighted and cool at the same time, not to mention help you save loads on the electric bill. It also has the ability to sense the lack of light in the room, and automatically switches on when the sun goes down, courtesy of the auto on and off photocell sensor embedded inside the bulb. On top of everything, the TykeLight Wallmate has an easy to clean surface. It’s definitely a practical addition to any child’s bedroom.

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