Friday, July 13, 2012

Build an Interesting Nursery with Wall Panels from Anatex

The nursery is one of your child’s first learning opportunities, which is why it’s often wise to think carefully about the design.

Anatex has several friendly wall panels that are sure to cater to your kids’ imagination. For starters, the Anatex Frog Wall Panel, offers a good chance for your child to familiarize himself with common animals like the frog. On top of the cute artwork, the wall panel features a Caterpillar Pathfinder game on the frog’s stomach, allowing you the opportunity to help foster development of cognitive ability, ideal for kids 12 months old and older. The game involves moving the beads along the tracks, and matching color to color. On the plus side, the game doesn’t make a mess, as all the pieces are attached directly to the wall panel.

Another good choice for a wall panel is the Anatex Cow Wall Panel. The Cow Wall Panel features bright colors and a friendly, quirky cartoon face designed to cognitively stimulate your child. The wall panel contains spinning gears that work smaller wall panels, all self-contained within the panel itself. Like the Frog Wall Panel, the Cow Wall Panel is designed for children aged 12 months and up.

An interesting wall panel is the Anatex Blowfish Mirror Wall Panel, as it provides a fun version of the conventional mirror. The mirror wall panel contains a large convex mirror, and the image flips upside down and then right side up alternately as one moves closer to the mirror. If you want, you can take this as a chance to explore the most basic physics with your child, no matter how old. The unit weights about 10.0 lbs and is made of safe, non-toxic materials. The wall mounting hardware is included in the purchase.

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