Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Bassinets with Extra Class and Durability

Practicality is often the focus of most baby cribs, and many parents think that its necessary to compromise style in the process.

The Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet by Ianco Baby comes in a beautifully built white color scheme. It was designed for portability, as the bassinet also has a free-standing multi-function hanging stand. Also called the Ianco’s GrowStand, it is made of heavy duty, tubular steel that remains relatively light.

It’s a pretty awesome deal in sturdiness and practicality, and can be an extremely convenient alternative to a conventional crib. What’s more, the open-wave fabric company screams elegance, and can be easily added to the bassinet after it’s been hooked up to its stand. Four large windows in the canopy also keeps the ventilation inside the bassinet.

The bassinet attaches itself to a single point on the stand, making it easy to rock your child to sleep. As your child grows, the stand can also be used to provide support for a jumping seat or a swing. The Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet has a pending patent for its unique, revolutionary design.
If you’re more the minimalist type, you’ll find the Cariboo Folding Bassinet well to your liking. The bassinet comes in neutral colors, exuding a style that banks on simplicity and straightforward functionality. On top of being light enough to be portable, the bassinet also folds easily into a flat structure that is easy to store when not in use. The unit is environmentally-friendly, made of sustainable New Zealand radiate wood.

The bassinet bag may also be zipped off and machine-washed, a definite plus in terms of convenience, and the colgate mattress is PBDE free and meets the federal regulation for flammability. When your child outgrows the folding bassinet, the unit may still be used as stylish storage for child essentials, or even books and toys.

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