Friday, June 22, 2012

A Night Light and Canvas with this Single Offi and Co. Product

Children will always need a nightlight. Chances are you had one of your own when you were a little kid. So when you had a child of your own and they reach that age when they were certain that monsters were living under their bed and inside their cabinet, you knew that a nightlight would make him feel a little more at ease every night come bedtime.

And while there are many night lights in the market today, any conscious parent would want to give their child only the best. If you are one of these conscious parents who are always on the lookout for the best things to give your child, you should know that a great night light choice comes in My Pet Lamp Kids Howee Pup from  Offi and Co.

This night light is molded from a non-toxic and odorless plastic and takes the shape of a puppy, so your kid is sure to like it. It uses a replaceable bulb that will bathe the room with a soft light from a low voltage 12v replaceable bulb that will surely be soothing enough for sleeping. Aside from the color white, My Pet Lamp Kids Howee Pup also comes in the colors Soft White, Sky Blue, and Sunset Orange.

The best part is yet to come because aside from being a protector from “nighttime monsters”, this product from Offi and Co. can also be a medium for children to explore and hone their artistic talent. This night light comes with washable markers. So what is their canvas? The night light, of course. Its surface is made up of a material that can be drawn using any washable markers. So while your child sleeps at night, he will al so enjoy the silhouette of his drawings on the ceilings and walls of his room.

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