Friday, June 22, 2012

A Great Space Saver with this Unique Ark Group Bed

As soon as your son outgrows and graduates from using his toddler bed, you will have to get him a new one. And while many might be content with a single bed that probably be designed with their favorite cartoon characters; there are those that might want to have a double-decker bed and “sleep on top”, regardless of whether they have a sibling or not. And you just have to give in to their whim, just so you do not have deal with a kid throwing tantrums.

If you are a parent of the second kind of kid, you might find great refuge in the Popsicle Furniture  Highsleeper created by Ark Group. It only has an upper deck, accommodating a single sleeper and some space underneath it so it would also be perfect for your single child as well as for a not-so-spacious room.

This is a twin size bed that is constructed of solid pine cut from FSC Certified Forests. For added durability, the whole sleeper is then topped with a natural finish. The best thing about it is the free space underneath it. This made it look like the bed did not take up any of the available space at all! You can start out adding cabinets and bins for his toys under it. The Highsleeper can become his sanctuary – waking up from his sleeping abode and then going down to play under it.

When the time comes that your child is going to school, you can now transform that space into a study area. You equipped it with a desk, a char, and a small bookcase where he has all his books and other supplies stored in. It is made from high quality wood so you are assured that it will last for a long time. This Highsleeper is definitely something that made a win-win situation for your child’s wishes and your need for a space-saving piece of furniture.

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