Monday, June 18, 2012

Cranial Cradle – Crib Mattress Twin

I recently gave birth to twin boys. I am a first-time mother and although I have immersed myself with practically anything there is to know in ensuring that my baby boys get the best kind of care there is, it seems that I still lack the experience to fully do so.

As I was browsing on the internet, I came upon this article saying that the growth and development of babies can be affected by the way that they sleep. This was then followed by a series of cases and explanations of mattresses hurting the babies’ soft and fragile craniums. Naturally, being the inexperienced mother that I am, I grew worried that my babies might not be getting the appropriate mattress for their heads.

I further browsed online and found my way in a series of mattresses that offers a Cranial Cradle. They further explained my concern of some of today’s mattress putting too much pressure on the bodies of babies. Their Crib Mattress Twin should be perfect for my babies.

So my question is this: Will this be a good buy? I would like to ask fellow parents who have used the CranialCradle products for their babies. The CribMattress Twin carries a pretty hefty price tag and I would want to know if this will be a good investment to ensure the healthy growth and development of my twin boys.

Please help me out. Any of your views, reviews, and even other suggested products would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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