Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Your Home Safe for Your Toddlers

Buying things for your children is easy to do. There are a lot of online stores and local stores in your area that sell kids furniture, accessories, fixtures, clothing, linens, etc. They look very attractive and enticing in catalogs and in displays. But the danger is, some of these stores focus more on the aesthetic side and do not prioritize child safety. As a mother or a parent, you want the things that you buy for your kids and in your home that are guaranteed safe, durable and worth your investment. You do not want to put your kids at risk.

Starting with child-proofing your home is the best way to begin with. There are a lot of companies who specialize in child-proofing. Aside from that, buy the right furniture and fixtures for your home and for your kids. If you are looking for a bed for your son or daughter, choose something that is durable. Check the bed’s structure and check if there are cracks and splints. If you have a modern crib at home that can be converted into a bed, just make sure that it is still in good condition or don’t need repair. If you have electrical equipments in your home, check on the wiring's, since most fires start with faulty electrical wiring's. Also, avoid placing electrical appliances and equipments, as well as other hazardous materials within reach by your children. Check also your children’s toys if there are hazardous to them. Some toys can choke children or some of them can tangle your children and will cause strangulation. Avoid putting jars and other heavy objects that are unstable or might fall on to your kids and cause them injury. Avoid leaving your kids near a fountain, pond or near the swimming pool because they might fall in the water and drown. Do not leave your kids unattended with your pets. Your pets might get irritated and bite them. Do not leave your windows, doors and fire exits open because your toddler might crawl outside and might fall down.

Manufacturers and stores today, especially in the United States are complying with government and international safety and quality standards. Furniture products are now tested safe and will last longer. Materials used are mostly recycled and eco-friendly. They are also made of non-toxic, lead-free and chemical-free materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment. So, the toddler furniture items and accents that they sell do not only protect toddlers physically, but they are risk-free health-wise. Not only that, it removes the feeling of anxiety on the part of the parents. This will help them sleep soundly especially at night.

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