Friday, January 8, 2010

Homework Made Fun

Who knew doing homework could be so much fun? Okay, it’s not fun, but being surrounded by bright colors and comfort can inspire a child’s imagination. The right workspace can make the difference between an honor student and a not-so-honorable student.

The Pkolino Klick is the perfect desk for children ages 3-7. With ample working space for paper, books and puzzles under the desk and padded chair, the colorful Klick is the ideal workspace for a budding Picasso or aspiring Einstein.

The SWITCHaROO Student Desk is a simple work area with 3 drawers that can accommodate all the gold-star quizzes and A+ projects of a hardworking grade school girl. The drawers are interchangeable and feature different designs so your young scholar can mix and match his/her desk to her room or her mood.

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Rashmi, a Mommy Reviewer said...

Wow, sheer genius! Both of them.