Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stories of Storage

Bet you didn’t think about storage when you were loading the sleigh with gifts of all sizes. Not to worry, My Urban Child has come to the rescue with storage units in all shapes and sizes for kids of all shapes and sizes.

Owyn Modern Wood Toy Box - Handmade by Mod Mom Furniture

Mary Poppins was right- putting away toys can be fun with two easy lift-off lids that are made for little hands to lift off and place back like a puzzle. The toy box is separated into two convenient compartments under individual leaf lids. Made from eco-friendly birch plywood. $475.

Wild Side Bench Seat with Storage by Levels of Discovery

This “fainting couch” makes any girl into a stylish modern day princess with prints in cheetah and zebra that fashionably conceals storage space for dress up clothes and dolls. $189.95

Boogie Woogi (Set of 2) by Magis

Boogie Woogi to a cleaner room with Magis’ “building blocks for big kids!” The colorful, super sleek shelving cubes are completely stackable and oh so modern. Boogie Woogie Shelves are both functional and fashionable. $504 for a set of 2 units.

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