Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stretch Your Baby’s Wardrobe Not Your Wallet

We’re all tired of hearing about the recession, foreclosures and layoffs but that doesn’t mean that the worries of the world need to affect your child’s wardrobe! Of course every parent wants the best for their child and sometimes it does cost a pretty penny. Here at MyUrbanChild, we are all about helping you stretch your wallet, but in a stylish way of course.

The Oopie Owl Chocolate Forest Smock Dress by Aunty Bucky is fun and great for this coming season. This cute detailed design is available in two sizes and starts out as a dress, which easily transitions to a smock tunic top that can be worn with jeans or leggings. The elastic sleeves are comfortable and ideal for a beautiful flourishing baby girl. Now lets not forget its100% cotton, so don’t be scared to pop it into the wash for a simply and fast clean!

Get ready moms and dads, now your little baby girl can refuse to wear anything but dresses and you can save yourself the headache.

See I told you we would help you out!

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