Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Escape

There is something about escaping reality that intrigues us all. You could probably relate to the need to get away from the usual insanity of our everyday lives. As adults we have the opportunity to pack up and jet off to a secluded area, but have you thought about your captive little one?

Bet you never realized that he/she is dependent on your willingness to escape. With the help of My Urban Child and Gorilla Play sets’ Gorilla 2007 Highlander I you can provide the perfect escape for him/her. You know, what us “adult escaper’s” would call a hiding spot.

Gorilla 2007 Highlander I stands at 12'6", end to end - 18', front to back - 21'. This giant playground includes: safety pads, trapeze bar, swing beam, green wave slide, built-in picnic table and a rock wall with climbing rope.

It’s designed to keep your children on their toes and while your little one has a one-way-ticket to “la-la-land” they actually never left the house.

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