Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Modern Mobiles

We love mobiles!  My Urban Child offers some beautiful modern mobiles to hang in your baby's nursery.  For all the time you baby is going to be laying on their back and staring up at the ceiling, shouldn't you make it interesting for them?  The color and the movement of a well designed mobile does not have to cost a lot. The mobile above is the Breeze Mobile by Flensted.  With easy curves and easy motion, we find this mobile to be very relaxing.  As the name suggests, it is like a gentle breeze.

The Themis mobile by Artecnica is a colorful option for your nursery.  Using neon and muted colors, it is sure to work in many nursery color palettes.  So many colors, angels and lines for your baby to look at.  By the way, don't just think about a mobile for over the crib.  We love them over the changing dresser.  Keep your little one happy and entertained while you change their diaper.

Our third pick is the Aeromobile by Flensted.  We see this in a more traditional boys room.  Every little boy I know loves airplanes.  How great to have them flying in you nursery!

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