Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleeping Options for Baby

Are you looking for something different than a traditional crib for your baby.  When your baby is small it is great to have options.  One of our favorite alternatives to a crib is the Hushamock Sleeping Hammock.
The Hushamock Sleeping Hammock is made of organic cotton and comes complete with a mattress and two fitted sheets.  It really could not be easier!  There are two different options for the stand to hang the baby hammock from.  The Okoa stand is made from beautiful Euporean Beechwood.  The other alternative is the Dream stand which is made from light aluminum for easy portability. Who doesn't like sleeping in a hammock?  Your baby will love it too!

Another great sleeping option for your baby is the Cariboo Classic Bassinet.  The useful thing about bassinets is that you can set it up anywhere in the house making it easy to keep an eye on your baby.  The Cariboo Bassinet is sturdy and classic in design.

For a stylish modern bassinet for your new baby consider the Offi and Co. Nest Modern Bassinet.  We even love the name "nest" to describe your new baby's favorite sleeping spot!  The best thing about the Offi Nest Bassinet is that after your baby outgrows it you are not done with it yet.  You can convert the bassinet into a play table using the base and a toy box using the top.  Brilliant!

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