Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flensted Mobiles: Constant Motion with Harmonic Balance!

FLENSTED MOBILES | Modern Children Mobiles - Nursery Mobiles
Flensted Mobiles are so designed that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Mobiles are a traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile - as a decoration for the home - was created in 1953 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe to celebrate the birth of their first daughter. Their first design, the Stork mobile, was a great success and now flies all over the world including My Urban Child. 
Flensted Mobiles Plexi Splash Mobile
Put the Plexi Splash Mobile in a window and splashes of color will come into your room like magic. The light will shine through the colored plexi-glass and will play brilliantly along the edges of the "drops" as the shapes turn. Inspired by Jackson Pollock a previous model was made in cooperation with Whitney Museum in New York.
Flensted Mobiles Reflections Black Mobile
The Reflections Black Mobile uses old cd's to create this modern and truly "interactive" design, which makes an eye-catching mobile. The mobile will reflect moving spots of light on your walls and ceiling, creating magic in the room, with movement and colors across the spectrum. The triangles are made from in acrylic. 

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