Monday, September 23, 2013

Avalisa: Stretched Wall Art That Provides a Stimulating Atmosphere!

Avalisa - Childrens Wall Art - Nursery Wall Art
Avalisa Wall Art is very unique and it will bring a signature style into your chosen environment.  The company was created out of a desire to be positively influenced the consumers living environment. Each collection was created to provide a stimulating atmosphere originating from different shapes, colors and designs.  You can mix and match from different collections or simply stay within one collection.  You may choose to stay within one color realm or select your own color palette. Each piece of wall art is carefully hand made to order ensuring it is everything you had envisioned.   Because of this all wall art takes 5-7 business days to ship from the time the order is placed at My Urban Child.
Avalisa Alpha
  The Avalisa Alpha is part of the Imagination Collection which is fun and loving. This collection is whatever you want it to be. Experience your imagination through color, shape and space. Here are some ideas of how to visualize the imaginations collection on your walls: Do you live in the city, or maybe even in the country? You can create whatever environment you want for yourself or your child to live within your walls.  Pick a color theme and go from there with endless attainable options, or choose a design you love and get it in your favorite colors to hang as a group.
Avalisa Zebra
Be inspired by the Avalisa Zebra and its simplicity and happy nature. This collection is full of animal friends. They are friendly, playful and inviting! Take them home and make a zoo, safari or farm on your wall. Here are some ideas of how to make an animal collection of your own: Choose a family of different animals all in one color or you can choose one animal and order one in each color. There is always the possibility to combine your favorite animal with a piece from another Avalisa collection.

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