Friday, May 17, 2013

Kids Riding Toys: Fulfill Your Child’s Dream to Drive!

KIDS RIDING TOYS | Riding Toys - Pedal Toy Cars
My Urban Child has one of the widest collections of kids riding toys that will fulfill any child’s dream of driving. Kids Riding Toys are not only fun to ride but they also boost the confidence level, self-esteem, and help stimulate the overall development of your child. For instance, pedal toy cars enhance gross motor skills when the child begins to use his/her muscles for pedaling and their fine motor skills when they open and closes a door, handle the dashboard or steer their toy by using eye-hand coordination.
Airflow Collectibles Vintage Red Baron Airplane Riding Toy
Look out the Red Baron is here! This plane has custom wheel pants, engine cowling, padded seat, an extra wing with struts and custom decals. Be the Ace of the Sky! Like all Airflow Collectibles planes it has sealed ball bearing drives, high traction tires, non-slip pedals, moving spring loaded propeller and long lasting lead free powder coated red paint.  You will have peace of mind knowing that this vehicle has been Toy Safety Tested and Approved for the USA.
Smart Gear Toys Smart Balance Bike - Flame
Smart Balance Bikes by Smart Gear are often referred to as “run bikes” or “balance bikes”, which are pedal free and without training wheels.  First and foremost, they help a child develop the most important skills necessary to later ride a 2 wheel bicycle with pedals.  Smart Balance Bikes were designed to develop a child’s balance and coordination by simply allowing the child to sit and walk or run with the bike by pushing with their feet. If the bike starts to fall, kids instinctively regain their balance using their feet. Smart Balance Bikes are made from birch wood with real inflatable rubber tires, foam handle bar grips, cushioned leatherette seat and a unique carry handle incorporated in the bikes body.

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