Friday, April 12, 2013

The Great Outdoors Never Seemed So Great!

Outdoor Playhouses – Outdoor Playsets – Backyard Sandbox
It’s no secret, kids these days are spending way too much time inside playing video games.  We have a different perspective on how children should be spending their down time.  My Urban Child promotes outdoor play with a wide variety of play sets and sand boxes.  Fresh air and fitness all in one.  No more carpel tunnel from too many video games.  Get outside today and play!
Gorilla Playsets  Blue Ridge Woodbridge
Gorilla Playsets is the king of the outdoor play set industry.  The Blue Ridge Woodbridge really has too many add-ons and accessories to name, but we will try: Three swings, two slides, rock wall, club house, trapeze bar and much more.  Once your child begins to play on this thing outside, they will forget all about those video games.  So get your today!
KidKraft Backyard Sandbox
KidKraft offers several different sandboxes, but year after year this Backyard Sandbox is always the most popular.  Most likely because of its traditional and simple design as well as a great price.  It is large enough to fit several small children at one time, and the corners conveniently double as seating.  The mesh cover is included to shield the sandbox while not in use.  Can’t you just picture your children at play while you relax on the back porch keeping an eye on them?

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