Thursday, April 4, 2013

Iglooplay: Ergonomic and Organic Design by Lisa Albin!

Iglooplay offers furniture collection for children that are organic, ergonomic, and modern. These pieces of furniture have been designed to help in the development of the baby, allowing them to come into contact with fixtures of various forms, colors, and materials. They live by the philosophy of quality and simplicity.

Iglooplay Mod Rocker

Iglooplay - Mod Rocker

This rocking chair will appeal to a childs interest in movement as well as scale, organic form, material variation and color. The form and material invite kids to play, read or simply relax. As research indicates that children often fidget in stationary chairs, the rocker's design provides a personal space rather than just a mere chair. The chair gives an easy rock to mellow children, provides comfort while reading or playing and the space below is a secret nook to store stuffed animals. The form is wide and low to the ground, inspired by West African stools that cup the body and that are considered to be highly personal objects. The sculptural form of the Mod Rocker is an aesthetic addition to any room in the home... and of course, kids will love being included in the family space.

Iglooplay Toy Chaise

Iglooplay - Toy Chaise

We're all looking for more storage and the Toy Chaise offers a large chest as well as drawers for a variety of storage options. Doubling as a striking piece of furniture that anchors the room, the design provides seating against the molded ply backrest in the short or long orientation for sitting or lounging positions. The form's sculptural style and details give it an anthropomorphic feeling making it fun to climb on to find a reading or play spot. The trunk features a slow-closing safety hinge to prevent closing on little fingers.

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