Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crib Bedding: Keep Your Little One Safe, Comfortable and Stylish From a Young Age!

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The number one priority for any parent is to keep their child safe and comfortable.  What better way to start than with their crib bedding.  During infancy a child spends a large amount of time in their crib so of course you want to make sure the crib bedding is both safe and comfortable (oh yeah, and stylish!)  My Urban Child carries several product lines such as Aunt Bucky and DwellStudio that offer great crib bedding that everyone is sure to love!
Aunt Bucky Crib Bumper Set - Winky Space Shuttle
We love all of Aunt Bucky’s crib bumper sets, but these little space shuttles are so cute!  Who knows, maybe if you buy this for your child they will grow up one day to be an astronaut, and then they can take care of you.  This set is made of 100% cotton and comes with two 10 inch x 80 inch crib bumper guards with four sets of ribbon ties sewn along both the top and bottom edges of each bumper guard.  Aunt Bucky also offers a wide variety of crib sheets and baby quilts that go with their bumper sets. 
DwellStudio Owls Sky Crib Set
The DwellStudio Owls Sky Crib Set truly has it all!  The set includes the Owls Sky Bumper Set, Owls Sky Play Blanket, Owls Sky Canvas Crib Skirt, and the Chevron Chocolate Crib Sheet.  DwellStudio also offers baby clothing and accessories in the Owls Sky design, and kids bedding as your child grows, so everything matches for you type A's out there!  All DwellStudio items are manufactured with the highest levels of safety and comfort so you never have to worry about your little one.

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